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  • Book: The Dead Caller from Chicago: A Mystery
  • Author: Jack Fredrickson
  • Number of pages: 320
  • E-book file-sizes: 3.84 – 13.21 Mb

“Everything I want in a mystery.” —Nancy Pearl, National Public Radio on A Safe Place for Dying, A Pearl Pick “Jack Fredrickson is one hell of a writer. He has an ear for dead-on dialogue, and an unerring eye for compelling pace. In Dek Elstrom, he’s created an investigator with a seductive one-two punch—a delectably smart mouth and a delightfully nimble brain. Believe me, no matter how hard your heart, there’s going to be a soft spot in it for Hunting Sweetie Rose. This is a book that satisfies on every level from an author you can trust to deliver.” —William Kent Krueger Dek Elstrom is back. Bad things are surfacing in Rivertown, in a huge hole in a block of bungalows; in the river, where the dam trapped what should never have been in the water. And from the past, where secrets long buried have risen again, to kill. Then comes a phone call from a dead man, and the sudden disappearance of almost everyone Dek ever held close. A trail leads north, to the end of Michigan, past the chop of the angry waters beyond, to an ice swept island most everyone wants to forget. But there are no answers there, just more questions, and another dead man pointing straight back to Rivertown, to the hole, and the dam, and secrets that want to keep killing in The Dead Caller from Chicago.

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