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Sear, Sauce, and Serve book

  • Book: Sear, Sauce, and Serve
  • Author: Mastering High-Heat, High-Flavor Cooking
  • Number of pages: 240
  • E-book file-sizes: 2.88 – 9.91 Mb

Step one: Sear your main ingredient to perfection using one of four methods. Step two: Sauce the main ingredient with your favorite flavored sauce. Step three: Serve a spectacular meal in no time.Following this formula, Sear, Sauce, and Serve empowers readers to become a calm and thoroughly proficient cook, running the show in their own kitchens every night of the week. Rosenfeld teaches the principles of cooking over high heat with different types of foods–beef, chicken, fish, or vegetables–and provides more than 250 sauce recipes for while you sear and after you sear. Helpful illustrations guide you through the instructions.High-heat cooking saves you time and the easy teaching methods encourage healthy home cooking. There is even a chapter on using affordable cuts of meat to fit any budget. By mastering the techniques you are free to be creative to come up with your own recipe to fit your mood.

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