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  • Book: Roman Micromosaic
  • Author: Roberto Grieco
  • Number of pages: 322
  • E-book file-sizes: 3.86 – 13.28 Mb

This book, written by the master mosaicist Roberto Grieco, is a major contribution to our knowledge and understanding of cut enamel minute mosaics of micromosaics in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, five hundred of which are illustrated in this book. The pieces in this book testify to the quality and uniqueness of these works, as well as to the great variety of iconographic subjects – some of which are extremely interesting and new. The extensive collection of old pieces is accompanied by a section dedicated to twentieth century and contemporary production. The author also provides the necessary information required to critically review and classify twentieth-century enamel mosaics. The chapter on modern mosaics focuses on current dynamic experimentation carried out to find new decorative and technical solutions in line with the tastes and needs of modern society. The classification of the old mosaics provides not only technical data, but also describes contemporary historical events and cultural environment.Written in English and Italian.

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