Downloads Poker Isometrics: and Poker Fitness ebook

Downloads Poker Isometrics: and Poker Fitness

  • Book: Poker Isometrics: and Poker Fitness
  • Author: Anton Drake
  • Number of pages: 212
  • E-book file-sizes: 2.54 – 8.74 Mb

Poker Isometrics is an amazingly effective system of exercise that is designed to combat one of the biggest health dangers in the modern world, the relentlessly sedentary lifestyle that so many of us find ourselves locked into on a daily basis. Poker Isometrics can be defined as the art of using isometrics discretely during periods of extended sedentary sitting or physical inactivity. It was developed in the grinding world of professional and semi-professional poker, where players often have to sit six, twelve or even eighteen hours at a time with tremendous patience and emotional control in order to compete effectively in lucrative tournaments and cash games. In poker, there is always a premium on the concealment of one’s thoughts and intentions during the play of a hand–the classic common cliche of the “poker face”–and this ultracool mindset is at the heart of the modern game. The ability to manage stress, even under tremendous pressure, and to be able to think and reason clearly under the gun is a big part of live poker in casinos everywhere, and it is from this underworld of the savvy poker predator that the techniques of Poker Isometrics have emerged. Poker Isometrics is a highly practical system of using isometrics covertly, forged in the crucible of competitive tournament poker, which can allow anyone, anywhere, to effectively use isometrics for fitness, weight loss, strength building, muscle control and stress reduction, whether they are playing a game, driving long distance, flying, laid up with an injury, watching TV, or sitting long hours at a desk. An increasing mountain of scientific evidence suggests that inactivity and the sedentary lifestyle may prove to be more dangerous to our collective health in the long run than smoking and overeating combined. This book is a contribution to the literature regarding the issue, and offers a serious solution to this slow-creeping and devastating problem, which to some degree afflicts every adult who is obliged to sit for countless hours, day after day, in order to work and survive in the information age. Poker Isometrics draws from the isometric practices and techniques of yoga, American wrestling and the martial arts, synthesizing them into an incredibly effective system. This highly detailed book reveals remarkable secrets about the practice of isometrics, and explains how to generate real power and intense fat-burning energy from the inside out, and how to engage and control them most effectively, building and mastering your kinesthetic control. It teaches clearly, through detailed photographs and illustrations, the positions and subtle tricks and adjustments that allow one to truly “feel the burn” of intense muscular activity, quickly and easily, and without having to move around at all. Many people have reported that the techniques in this book have allowed them to get, literally, the most efficient leg, butt and upper body workouts they have ever experienced, all while sitting in a chair at work or sitting in a car or airplane. Poker Isometrics teaches you how to use your body’s natural “fight or flight” response to burn fat and energize your muscles, rather than letting it soak into your body uselessly, increasing sedentary stress, inflammation, and obesity. This book contains many innovative isometric techniques and a wealth of insight into the deep application of isometrics, which will be of benefit to both the beginner and the advanced practitioner. It also includes comprehensive chapters on diet, nutrition and nutritional supplements, including cutting edge supplements for the health of the heart, the brain, the digestive system and the sex organs. We invite you to take the Poker Isometrics challenge, and see how far you can expand your knowledge of isometrics and applied physical fitness.

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