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  • Book: Perfect Your Chess
  • Author: Andrei Volokitin, Vladimir Grabinsky, Steve Giddins
  • Number of pages: 159
  • E-book file-sizes: 1.91 – 6.57 Mb

Andrei Volokitin is one of a rare breed of players: he achieved a ranking in the world’s top 20 while still a teenager, playing dynamic and often brilliant chess. Although we cannot all aspire to emulate his achievements, there is much that we can learn from his training methods, his games and his general approach to chess. These topics are the subject of this book, written in collaboration with his trainer. The core material of the book is 369 positions where the reader is given a task or asked a question. These tasks resemble those that players regularly face over the board, and are especially useful from a training viewpoint. Sometimes we are told we need to find a combination, but often the task is simply to decide on a move. It is for us to determine whether to play quietly or stake everything on a sacrificial attack! The examples are all from recent years, and so even the most zealous reader of chess literature will have seen few of them previously. Many of the positions are from Volokitin’s own games, so we get the ‘inside story’ on some truly spectacular chess. We are also presented with fine examples from Grabinsky’s training files, carefully collected and graded over the years for their instructive merit. The commentaries and detailed solutions explain the key issues in each position, and also convey the authors’ philosophy of chess and their love for the game.

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