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  • Book: Merciful
  • Author: Casey Adolfsson
  • Number of pages: 506
  • E-book file-sizes: 6.07 – 20.88 Mb

For most people standing on a mountainside, in a sheet with no idea how you got there would be cause to arrange a mental health check up. For Acacia Moirgetes it means whatever obliterated her memory and powers is gone and she’s come home. So what happens after you find out the last two years of your 17 year old life is a total lie, and you’re really a 17,000 year old time traveling goddess with a huge hole in your memory?How about discovering that your father is Zeus and you’re responsible for the survival of the Greek Pantheon? Do you : A) Pretend its all a dream, B) Cry and Curse, C) Pass Out? If you’re Acacia you chose D) All of the above. Acacia immediately finds herself inheriting an old love and discovering a new one; Acacia can’t choose sides and the created -to- protect her bodyguard brothers Ash and Blaise don’t make it easy for her. Her shaky hold on the rules she must now follow is pressed thin by the constant pressure of remembering her forgotten heritage and the instructive but not always helpful Amal, a former farm animal and her chaperon. Regardless of sizzling bodyguards and murderous relatives; with the power of Olympus weakening daily Acacia grudgingly resumes her work of finding her errant Greek Pantheon relatives and returning them to Olympus. This would be easy if she could remember how to use her powers and wasn’t contending with realizing that she detests the person she used to be. Merciful is an epic novel dealing with the stresses of young love, time travel safety, self-discovery and dealings with powerful and sometimes violent family members. Acacia’s journey pulls you with her and her companions on an expedition to track down her globe trotting -time hopping relatives, with both amusing and sometimes disastrous results.

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