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  • Book: Hattie Big Sky
  • Author: Kirby Larson
  • Number of pages: 304
  • E-book file-sizes: 3.65 – 12.56 Mb

“Alone in the world, teen-aged Hattie is driven to prove up on her uncle’s homesteading claim.For years, sixteen-year-old Hattie’s been shuttled between relatives. Tired of being Hattie Here-and-There, she courageously leaves Iowa to prove up on her late uncle’s homestead claim near Vida, Montana. With a stubborn stick-to-itiveness, Hattie faces frost, drought and blizzards. Despite many hardships, Hattie forges ahead, sharing her adventures with her friends–especially Charlie, fighting in France–through letters and articles for her hometown paper.Her backbreaking quest for a home is lightened by her neighbors, the Muellers. But she feels threatened by pressure to be a “”Loyal”” American, forbidding friendships with folks of German descent. Despite everything, Hattie’s determined to stay until a tragedy causes her to discover the true meaning of home.From the Hardcover edition.”

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