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  • Book: From the Heathens He Came
  • Author: Keris White
  • Number of pages: 534
  • E-book file-sizes: 6.41 – 22.05 Mb

Who created us, was it God, or a multitude of God’s. What if our God(s) were simply misinterpretations of our real fathers. What if the truth was more terrifying beyond known comprehension. Are we told everything we need to hear or are we led to believe everything we are told. One man’s seemingly impossible mission into an ever looming dementia. Join Doctor of Paranormal Psychology Larry Marx as he uncovers a hidden truth of a possible ancient cult conspiracy. Discover the shady, interesting and sometimes downright insane characters who will stop at nothing to silence those who threaten their tightly-held secrets. Uncover the huge corruption in the US government displayed in the highest realms of power, and those very same people who run the institution; have they had it too good for too long, is their time up? This man is prepared to do anything in his power to unleash it, even if his obsession means losing his mind, life or those around him. Life is a game of chance and the risks are his alone.Read more Read less

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