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  • Book: Follow: A True Story
  • Author: David Knighton
  • Number of pages: 198
  • E-book file-sizes: 2.38 – 8.19 Mb

This book is pure inspiration. It uplifts and encourages with David’s amazing true-life stories. It is filled with spiritual adventure and motivates the reader to face life’s difficulties head on and overcome them with faith and patience. If you need to have your spiritual battery recharged, or if you have struggled, fallen, or have not lived a pristine life as a Christian, this story is for you. If you have had painful church experiences, have lost faith in humanity, or are fed up with religious formulas and conduct codes, you can find comfort in this volume. God never promised that serving him was going to be easy, and some of the meanest people attend church every week. Jesus plainly stated that we would face many challenges while following him. This is book will assist you to follow Jesus in our modern world. It will teach you how to be empowered with the spiritual equipment listed in the Bible to help you rise above life’s formidable times.

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