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  • Book: Chasing Destiny
  • Author: Eric Jerome Dickey
  • Number of pages: 480
  • E-book file-sizes: 5.76 – 19.81 Mb

Billie is as notorious for her beauty as she is for the hot yellow Ducati motorcycle she rides down L.A.’s meanest streets. Tough and talented, she does things her way. Until an unplanned pregnancy spins her life out of control. Her problem: Her lover Keith’s divorce decree has been revoked, forcing him to choose between Billie and his dangerously manipulative wife, Carmen, along with their troubled and deceptive daughter, Destiny, a fifteen-year-old dancing on the edge of womanhood. Horrific things happen when Keith’s daughter disappears in the company of low friends in dark places. And in chasing Destiny, Billie, Keith, and Carmen find their lives inextricably linked by a dangerous and seductive pursuit-at any speed, at any cost.

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