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Downloads Desert Fire e-book

  • Book: Desert Fire
  • Author: Marcia Lynn McClure
  • Number of pages: 212
  • E-book file-sizes: 2.54 – 8.74 Mb

She opened her eyes and beheld, for the first time, the face of Jackson McCall. Ruggedly handsome and her noble rescuer, he would, she knew in that moment, forever hold captive her heart as he then held her life in his protective arms. Yet she was a nameless beauty, haunted by wisps of visions of the past. How could she ever hope he would return the passionate, devotional love she secreted for him when her very existence was a riddle? Would Jackson McCall (handsome, fascinating, brooding) ever see her as anything more than a foundling-a burden to himself and his family? And with no memory of her own identity, how then could she release him from his apparent affliction of being her protector?

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