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  • Book: Dark Wolf (Spirit Wild)
  • Author: Kate Douglas
  • Number of pages: 352
  • E-book file-sizes: 4.22 – 14.52 Mb

“Kate Douglas is definitely NOT for the timid reader.” –Anne McCaffrey, New York Times bestselling authorIt is a new beginning for the Chanku. For so long they kept their shapeshifting ability secret, but now they have assimilated into the world in ways they once never thought possible. Still there are those who want to destroy them, with dark powers of their own…A Bold New BeginningThe CEO of Cheval International, Lily Cheval chooses to live alone, but a series of rapes and murders leave her wary and worried for her fellow Chanku. Then she meets Sebastian Xenakis and the connection is intense and immediate. The son of a charismatic cult leader, Sebastian is a mysteriously sensual man who uses magic to shift into wolf form. He and Lily come together in a moment of supreme ecstasy, succumbing to a primal passion that leaves Lily shaken but utterly alive. Is Sebastian her lifetime mate or is he her worst enemy?Praise for Kate Douglas s erotic romance:”Sexy, tense, and complex.” –Romantic Times, 4 Stars on Wolf Tales 12″The story is so thrilling and the sex is so hot.” –Romantic Times, 4 Stars on Wolf Tales 11″What an emotional rollercoaster. . . [Kate Douglas] has outdone herself.” –Coffee Time Romance, 5 Cups on Wolf Tales 10This book contains adult contentRead more Read less

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