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  • Book: Be The Change
  • Author: Rajeev Peshawaria
  • Number of pages: 256
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In a world where information, capital, talent, and other resources are freely portable, the only x-factor for sustainable business success is leadership. There are many misconceptions regarding leadership. Contrary to what many think, it is not at all based on one’s position of power. It deals more about how and what one creates while getting others to go beyond themselves and excel at things they never thought possible. Leadership comes after much self-discovery and cannot be taught. It is not something one is born with but is something that must be aspired for. Be the Change goes deep into what a leader is and what you and your organisation need to look into to foster genuine leadership. It takes a look at the individual, the team, and then the organisation for a progressive treatment on the various theatres where leadership can and does make a difference. Leadership often deals with very hard questions and these are not issues that should cause fear. The book thus deals with the various aspects and issues of corporate governance, an integral part of the leadership journey. These essays draw from the actual experiences of Iclif’s faculty as well as the input and challenges faced by those who have already benefitted from Iclif’s leadership programmes. Some of the most pressing leadership-related issues affecting not only productivity but also performance are dealt with in these pages. A compilation of short essays written in a free-flowing and conversational style, Be the Change will inspire you to drive your organisation to new achievements and milestones you never thought possible.

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