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African Tortoise Tales

  • Book: African Tortoise Tales
  • Author: Ibiye Omieibi-Davids, Pious Barikune
  • Number of pages: 56
  • E-book file-sizes: 0.67 – 2.3 Mb

African culture is closely tied up to its affinity to nature. It is not surprising, therefore, that fables comprise many of African folktales from past to present.Ibiye Omieibi-Davids’s wonderful storytelling is demonstrated in African Tortoise Tales, a collection of memorable African fables set to capture the hearts and minds of children the world over.”The Tortoise and the Sardine” tells why stubborness leads to unfortunate situations that may affect someone forever. ”The Tortoise and the Magic Drums” shows that greed brings nothing but misery, and ”The Tortoise and the Stone Man” depicts that evil schemes and bad actions when uncovered will not escape punishment.Nine other interesting stories delve in varied themes like arrogance and humility, trust and betrayal, and loyalty and camaraderie.Accompanied by beautiful illustrations, African Tortoise Tales is a book children and adults alike would enjoy reading for years.Read more Read less

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