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  • Book: 2014 Photographer’s Market
  • Author: Mary Burzlaff Bostic
  • Number of pages: 688
  • E-book file-sizes: 8.26 – 28.41 Mb

The Successful Photographer’s Secret!Thousands of successful photographers have trusted Photographer’s Market as a resource for growing their businesses. This edition contains the most comprehensive and up-to-date market contacts for working photographers today: magazines, book publishers, greeting card companies, stock agencies, advertising firms, contests and more.In addition to the more than 1,500 individually verified contacts, 2014 Photographer’s Market includes:A FREE 1-year subscription to ArtistsMarketOnline.com, where you can search industry contacts, track your submissions, get the latest photography news and much more (print version only). Up-to-date information on how to start and run a photography business, including how to find clients, who to contact to submit your photos, what types of photos they need and how to submit both digital and film images. Markets for fine art photographers, including hundreds of galleries and art fairs. NEW! Informative articles on forming a business mind-set, building your financial team, and negotiating fees and rights. NEW! Special features on social media and e-mail marketing, getting the most from LinkedIn, building a better website, sustainability practices, and adding video to your repertoire. NEW! Inspiring and informative interviews with successful professionals, including a motion picture grip, a magazine photo buyer, and an experimental fine art photographer.Check out ArtistsMarketOnline.com and ArtistsNetwork.com for more helpful resources.

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